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The Life of a Romantic


Nitori is so cute look he’s all scared and crying because momotarou is chasing him with a big ass frog(=^x^=) you can see rin and sousuke in the background looking out of their room


ER: 9-1-1 What’s your emergency?

me: *gets good grade on a test*
me: *does the rei laugh*
me: *gets bad grade on a test*
me: *does the rei scream*


Please tell me this goober is going to go to Iwatobi. His uniform doesn’t match what we’ve seen of either Iwatobi’s or Samezuka’s uniforms, but I have my fingers crossed that he fills the “hot transfer student” role. I need this hot piece of pink lemonade sunshine.

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Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman

Phan Thu Trang uses heavy knife strokes to create these bright and pointed Vietnamese landscapes. While seemingly naïve and decorative, true to character for many Vietnamese paintings, Trang takes a minimalist, deconstructive approach that simplifies each scene to its geometric and tonal essentials. From there she draws from her memories of growing up in Hanoi and the Northern Villages, describing the people and feelings she experienced as a child.


dog trying to save fishes

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Lauren Lapkus, Orange is the New Black star, recently got married in Chicago in a beautiful BHLDN gown, the cherry on top of the perfect romantic style wedding.

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Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Guillaume Kurkdjian, AKA bisouslescopains, is a 22 year old digital artist from France. Guillaume began his artistic journey in high school, after class and during his free time. He started with 3D art, animation, illustration, and photography, along with film-making. He continued to pursue his passion during his 5 years of marketing school, and has been a freelance illustrator and animator for almost two years.

Guillaume’s simple, smooth, and colorful creations and mini-stories have gotten him a lot of attention in the internet’s digital art and design community. When asked what inspired him to start making art, he said:

"My brother, a lot! and also the Nature, internet and everything I see when I take the train."

Some of Guillaume’s favorite artists include Justin Mezzell, Timothy J. Reynolds, Michiel van der Berg, and Dan Matutina


Quinoa Pizza with Meyer Lemon, Goat Cheese, and Basil

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